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Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer spinemåler. Mange funksjoner og enkel å bruke. Se detaljert beskrivelse nedenfor.
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With the electronic Arrow Analyzer, BEARPAW PRODUCTS has invented their own unique machine for measuring the deflection – or spine - of arrows and arrow shafts. As a matter of fact, recently at the world's largest archery trade show, our Arrow Analyzer was recognized as one of the most impressive archery innovations they had seen in years. They instantly saw the potential of the Arrow Analyzer as a one-tool-does-all device.

Historically it has always been very difficult for anyone to check their arrows to make sure they were actually the spine that the manufacturers claimed them to be. The old fashioned spine testing devices were all; expensive, quite large, cumbersome, and very tedious to use.

That has all changed thanks to a gifted developer from Germany who figured out how to design and manufacture a machine that could not only check arrow deflection, but could also check arrow straightness and arrow / point weight as well. He brought his concept to Henry Bodnik and by working together they produced a simple machine that is; accurate, lightweight, easy to use, and gives archers all the important information they need to match their arrows. Now with the Arrow Analyzer from Bearpaw Products - archers can match their arrows perfectly for more accurate and consistent shooting.

The Arrow Analyzer from Bearpaw Products:

Accurately measures arrow spine by the ATA standard or the Easton standard
Accurately measures arrow mass weight
Accurately measures arrow point mass weight
Accurately measures arrow straightness under load
Accurately measures arrow straightness at each end of the arrow to see which end to cut
It is easy to use – arrows are easy to check and re-check – by simply pushing the arrow to the measuring platform with a finger.
The Arrow Analyzer - Stores digital documentation of the measured values in the Arrow Analyzer software
The Arrow Analyzer - Allows you to export your digital data via the interface to your computer or tablet
The Arrow Analyzer - Gives you a choice between several exporting formats (Excel, OpenOffice)
The Arrow Analyzer - Can be used anywhere with an external power source
All software and a user’s guide are included


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