Jackalope Crystal ILF riser

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Jackalope ILF-riser 17-21".

Høyre- og venstrebue: Er du høyrehendt skal du ha høyre bue. Du holder da buen med venstre hånd og trekker strengen med høyre hånd. Pilen blir dermed liggende på buens venstre side. Er du venstrehendt blir det omvendt.

Husk at man alltid må bruke oppstrammersnor når man skal spenne opp en recurvebue
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JP crystal
JP Crystal2

Riser | JACKALOPE Crystal - 17"-21" - ILF

The centrepiece itself is as varied in shape and colour as the crystal that gives the new JACKALOPE Crystal its name. Each of the five colours gives the centrepiece a different effect. Be it the exciting Bordeaux, the "poisonous" green, the calming blue, the elegant grey or the classic brown, every variation knows how to please. Each centrepiece is unique and underlines the personal individuality of each shooter. To create a crystal, special conditions in nature are required and above all a crystal needs time. This makes them special stones with special characteristics: they clear the mind, strengthen the own consciousness and support in difficult life situations. All this makes the crystal the perfect name for this versatile handle.

Of course, it is not only the look that is impressive: the Teknowood used - a highly stable compound of several layers of wood and epoxy resin - reliably absorbs vibrations and allows faster, more even shooting.

ILF - Full flexibility with unimagined precision!

JACKALOPE has paid special attention to the Crystal grip for the limb mountings. While traditional wooden riser usually only have the option of using special screw-in limbs, things are different here: the Crystal grip is equipped with the ILF plug-in system. ILF stands for the "International Limb Fitting" system, which is a standardised fitting system where the limbs are not screwed to the riser, but simply plugged in. The mounting block is something special and unique! Made of full metal (aluminium), it is not only extremely stable and precise, but also enables a precise and stable ILF mount on a wooden riser, which is in no way inferior to that on a metal riser.

The tiller is easy to adjust via the tiller screw, which, unlike other ILF mounts, is fitted with an additional ring that fixes the throwing arm so that it has no play when adjusting in an untensioned state. Once the position of the optimum tillers has been found, this setting is fixed with the help of the hexagon socket screw in the tillerscrew. The lateral adjustment of the limbs is now also much more precise and secure, as the lateral grub screws are no longer installed in the wood of the riser, but in the receiver. This means that overtightened screws in the wood or risers that have cracked at this point are a thing of the past.

If you are looking for an ILF mount that offers the stability of a metal riser, then the ILF Top mount from JACKALOPE is certainly the ideal solution!

JACKALOPE - The exclusive brand in archery

Modern, high-quality materials and the simple elegance of archery. - This is JACKALOPE, the new, innovative brand in archery. High quality processed and manufactured, Jackalope stands for a whole range of beautifully crafted long, recurve and hybrid bows, as well as various protective gear and accessories.

At JACKALOPE you will find everything you need for this, your sport. And all this in a sophisticated look, the design of which is not limited to the bows but is continued in all products. Where else can you choose your accessories in a colour that matches the bow? Only at Jackalope!

As an expression of confidence in its own craftsmanship, the JACKALOPE brand offers a 30-year guarantee* on all its registered bows. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself of the quality of JACKALOPE.


  • Length: 17", 19", 21"
  • Weight: ca. 735g (17"), 795g (19"), 875g (21") 
  • Material: Teknowood
  • System: International Limb fitting System (ILF)
  • Right hand- or Lleft hand model available
  • Colour: Green, Blue, Bordeaux, Brown or Grey
  • 100% Made in Europe

Scope of delivery:
1x Riser

*Guarantee conditions: If the sheet is registered, we give the first buyer a 30-year guarantee against breakage and delamination. The guarantee applies to all customers with registered bows who are resident within the EU. Excluded from the guarantee are wearing parts and damage due to incorrect use. The guarantee is provided by replacement or repair of the bow. The legal warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply independently of it.

Guarantor is BSW Handels GmbH | Jackalope Archery | Demminer Str. 32 | 17389 Anklam.

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