Jackalope Tourmaline 64

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Jackalope Tourmaline one-piece recurve 64 tommer.
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- Tilpasset streng
- Messing nockpunkt montert og grovjustert
- Pilanlegg i skinn/filt

Husk at man alltid må bruke oppstrammersnor når man skal spenne opp en recurvebue
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JACKALOPE Tourmaline - Power and Dynamics in One Bow

Do you love modern bows with a traditional design and want more colour for the handle? Then the JACKALOPE Tourmaline is exactly what you are looking for! A one-piece recurve bow whose limbs in light bamboo, the handle in warm brown and earth tones that reach into silver-grey and emerald-green perfectly complement. Each bow is unique and underlines the personal individuality of each shooter.

The handle of the JACKALOPE Tourmaline is made of naturally grown Amazaque wood and ultra-modern Teknowood, giving it its unmistakable character. The African Amazaque, with its distinct and very decorative grain, gives the handle a natural, warm appearance. In contrast to this is the innovative Teknowood, in which several layers of wood are combined with epoxy resin to form a highly stable material, which minimises hand shocks and promises high stability. The limbs, on the other hand, are made of bamboo and clear glass, whose light wood tones represent a beautiful complement to the handle. All this together makes the JACKALOPE recurve bow fast, forgiving and very quiet.

SPEED - Carbon for even more speed

In the speed versions, the JACKALOPE Tourmaline is now even faster! An additional layer of carbon improves the already good-natured characteristics of the bow. It makes the bow more forgiving and provides a narrower more accurate hit pattern when shooting. But how does it achieve this? Quite simple: By the carbon inlay, the limbs are not only lighter and more distortion-resistant but also about 10fps faster.

JACKALOPE - The new brand in archery

Modern, high-quality materials and the simple elegance of archery. - This is JACKALOPE, the new, innovative brand in archery. Jackalope stands for a whole range of beautifully crafted long, recurve and hybrid bows, as well as various safety articles and accessories.

With JACKALOPE you will find everything you need for this sport. Its design is not only limited to the bows, but is also pursued in all accessory articles

. Where else can you choose your accessories to match the colour of your bow? Only with Jackalope!

As an expression of confidence in its own craftsmanship, the JACKALOPE brand offers a 30-year guarantee on all its registered bows. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself of the quality of JACKALOPE.

Available as right or left hand model.

Technical Data:

Bow length

Draw weight
(selectable in 5 lbs steps)

Brace height

Arrow Weight
(per lbs Draw Weight)


String (Tips)


- Tourmaline -
Recurve bow


25 - 50 lbs

7,5 - 8"

(min. 7gr)

Bamboo and clear glass
Bamboo and clear glass
with carbon inlay in
the SPEED variants

(Fast Flight fit)

Right hand
Left hand

Handle: Teknowood
Limbs: bamboo with clear glass
limbs (speed variant): bamboo with clear glass and carbon
Tips: Micarta

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