Uukha Sx 100 lemmer

Produktnr: 12062-2
Uukha Sx 100 lemmer. 100% carbon. Kommer med tre ulike finish:
Std Mat: Standard logo, matt finish
Std Bri: Standard logo, glossy finish
Nod Mat: Minimalt med logo, matt finish

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uukha sx100


The Sx100 features a 100% carbon content that places a high priority on stability, speed, and low weight. This limb is dedicated to archers seeking performance and higher scores. The new S-Curve profile makes the draw easy, smooth and a joy to shoot.

The new S-Curve profile (S for Smoothness, Speed and Stability) is a new generation of limb profile that combines the best attributes of our previous Curve and Xcurve limbs.

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We have upgraded our Monolith Carbon with new lay-ups, to reduce mass and stresses. Monolith Carbon is a unique technology offering consistent performance, day after day, in all types of weather. It has proven to be more reliable and longer lasting than laminated construction. Our limbs are made from many unidirectional tapes of prepreg carbon, moulded and fused together in CNC moulds. This makes our limbs light, strong and resistent to delamination.


Our limbs are designed to provide the best performances in the -5%/+5% range of tiller bolts settings.
With a +15% setting:
- You will lose much smoothness.
- You will lose in terms of stored energy efficiency:  the speed increase brought by the added poundage will be lower than expected.
- The stress on the limbs will exceed 10%, corresponding to 5 inches of over-draw, with a risk of early failure and accelerated aging.

We consider such a configuration to be out of normal use conditions, and therefore it is not covered by our guarantee.

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