Uukha Nature Gobi lemmer

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Uukha Gobi lemmer i Nature-serien. Disse lemmene er målt på 19'' riser. Matt finish.

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The Gobi, with 50% carbon and 50% glass, compares favourably to some of the best limbs on the market. Compared to the previous Tuulaï limb, the Gobi’s higher carbon content reduces its mass weight. Higher speed allows the archer to shooter longer distances, even with low poundage. The new S-Curve profile makes the draw easy, smooth and a joy to shoot.

Les mer om S-curve: https://www.uukha.com/en/performance-en.php


The Nature limb models are all derived from our target products. Nature limbs are dedicated to field, 3D, nature and hunting applications. They have the same profile and construction as target limbs, but they are decorated with minimal decals, measured in 5lb increments and sized for a 19’’ riser.


Our limbs are designed to provide the best performances in the -5%/+5% range of tiller bolts settings.
With a +15% setting:
- You will lose much smoothness.
- You will lose in terms of stored energy efficiency:  the speed increase brought by the added poundage will be lower than expected.
- The stress on the limbs will exceed 10%, corresponding to 5 inches of over-draw, with a risk of early failure and accelerated aging.

We consider such a configuration to be out of normal use conditions, and therefore it is not covered by our guarantee.

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