NaturFoam 3D-reparasjonsett

Produktnr: 26229-2
To-komponent reparasjonssett til 3D blinker. To størrelser:
Liten: 1,35 liter
Stor: 2,85 liter
Brukerveiledning følger med.
kr 750,00
Velg type:

Used to fill in holes cause by arrow damage to 3D targets. These two ingredients are very sensitive to cold and moisture and should only be stored and processed in well-ventilated rooms. The ideal temperature for processing is 18 °-20 ° C.
Only process the products in a clean, dry mixing container with sufficient volume.
Protect skin and eyes with appropriate clothing. The use of a breathing mask is recommended.
The liquids are mixed in the ratio 2 (A): 1 (B).
Mix the two parts vigorously manually or electrically for 20-30 seconds.
Carefully pour the material into the holes and cavities to be repaired. You may have to widen the holes and cavities a little so that the liquid can flow in and not leave any voids. The product will expand when hardened at a ratio of about 1/3.
After about 12 minutes, the reaction of the two substances is complete and you can remove excess residues from your 3D target.

After 24 – 36 hours the material has reached its full hardness.

  Shipping weight of small kit: 2,00 Kg
  Product weight: 1,50Kg
  Contents: 1,35 liter
  Shipping weight of large kit: 3,50 Kg
  Product weight: 3,00Kg
  Contents: 2,85 l

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